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Free Fire | | [CSP Journal]

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As we speak, the world is reeling from yet-another, virulent cyber attack.  It started in Ukraine and is holding data for ransom and interfering with services across the globe.

What if the target of such cyber malevolence instead were the United States’ electric infrastructure?  Ukraine’s has been blacked-out twice by hackers.  And there is increasing, bipartisan alarm that – given our own reliance on the Internet to monitor and manage electric power distribution in this country, our grid is a sitting duck for computer-inflicted malevolence.

President Trump has made upgrading our infrastructure a priority. He has recruited Rudy Giuliani to help ensure its resilience against cyber attack.  And just last week 19 Democratic senators wrote Mr. Trump demanding cyber-hardening of the grid.

We must secure the grid now, against all hazards – including, but not limited to, computer-delivered ones.

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