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Free Fire | | [CSP Journal]

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Missouri Congresswoman Vicki Hartzler wants her colleagues in the House of Representatives to have a vote today to roll-back part of Barack Obama’s wrecking operation against the U.S. military.

Historically, it has been both common sense and official practice to regard the armed forces as essential to the security of our nation. Accordingly, their personnel were selected for the purpose of winning decisively any conflict.

During the Obama years, however, the military services were directed to subordinate this priority to advancing a radical political agenda, without regard for – and at huge cost to – combat readiness and morale in the ranks.  The most egregious example of such social engineering is a requirement to integrate “transgender” individuals and pay for their sex change operations and other, vast health care requirements.

Rep. Hartzler is trying to stop such insanity, and deserves our strong support.

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