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Jewish news media was all atwitter with a news report about Camp Solomon Schecter in Washington state, a more than 60 year-old Jewish educational day camp, that states on its website that “Jewish camp can be one of the most rewarding and influential experiences a child has. A summer at Camp Solomon Schechter raises self-confidence, builds decision-making skills, improves social skills, and enables children to reach inside themselves and discover talents and abilities they never knew they had. These benefits last a lifetime – in fact, Jewish camping has been identified as one of the most important influences a child can have in building Jewish identity and commitment.”

At issue was that the camp’s director and head administrator, Sam Perwin, chose to fly a PLO flag over the campgrounds for the world to see. This action was on the heels of several bloody terrorist attacks on Jews throughout Israel and Judea and Samaria including the Temple Mount that left several Israelis dead, both Jewish and non-Jewish, even an entire family, acts that were praised by the Palestinian leadership the flag represents.

A call to Sam Perwin, however, showed that decision-making and social skills on the part of the camp’s director are sadly lacking.  When asked in an interview whose idea was it to raise the PLO flag over the camp, Perwin immediately said arrogantly it was his alone, then he abruptly hung up the phone. He earlier said in other media it was suggested to him by the “Interfaith Peace Group” Kids4Peace, then changed the story again saying it was his idea alone, then again, the group’s suggestion.

Perwin ultimately apologized to the Jewish community, but was this sincere? Further research and a brief phone conversation with one of Perwin’s subordinates revealed Perwin did indeed make his decision during a visit to the camp by Kids4Peace. Perwin did so to promote “dialogue”,  he said, with a delegation of Muslim, Christian and Jewish children who visited as part of the Kids4Peace program. It seems unlikely that to Perwin, the idea of mounting a terrorist flag waved by Jew-killers over a Jewish day camp was an example of just how the Solomon Schecter camp’s director instills in his wards “benefits that last a lifetime.” But what Perwin has refused to recognize until this day was that he purposely allowed a Trojan Horse into a Jewish institution affecting Jewish youth to side against Israel for the future.

Pro-Israel Jews fell into the trap of declaring this event as just another example of “liberalism” run amok among the Jewish community when the scenario is far more sinister.

Click here for the full article at Arutz Sheva: Israel National News

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