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Thursday, September 21, 2017 | With Fred Fleitz, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff and Claudia Rosett 

President Trump Must Withdraw from JCPOA

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North Korea: What Are the Military Options?

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With Major Fred Galvin (Ret.)

Please sign the petition asking Congress to exonerate the MARSOC 7 and contact your representative today, and tell them to support House Resolution 21.

MAJOR FRED GALVIN (Ret.) USMC, Executive Director of Heroes United:

  • The creation of MARSOC
  • Fox Company ambush in Bati Kot on March 4th, 2007


  • False media reports after the Bati Kot ambush alleging Afghan civilian deaths


  • The expulsion of MARSOC from Afghanistan
  • How Fox Company was completely betrayed by their own command
  • Continued slander from General Nicholson and Lt. Gen Kearney


  • Why U.S. payment to Afghan civilians for their family members’ deaths is problematic
  • How the ‘Heart and Mind’ strategy has been detrimental to U.S. foot soldiers for 16 years


  • Consequences of current rules of engagement
  • Viable options for Afghanistan
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