Sudan is a Foe, Not a Friend

The latest, ominous change to President Trump’s policies supposedly designed to keep dangerous foreign nationals from coming to this country actually removes the restrictions he previously placed on those coming from Sudan. That’s a country the U.S. government actually has designated as a state-sponsor of terrorism.

What could possibly go wrong?

As it happens, on the very day the President unveiled his new “proclamation preventing terrorist entry into the United States,” a Sudanese immigrant shot up a church in Antioch, Tennessee, killing one and wounding seven others.  Unfortunately, there are lots more terrorists where he came from.

And that’s true of plenty of other places that are also not on Mr. Trump’s list – evidently for similar reasons, namely political or foreign policy considerations.  Mr. President, the priority must be on protecting Americans, not appeasing countries full of Sharia-supremacists seeking to kill us.