Fred Fleitz: Only One Option With Iran, ‘Kill the Deal’

Originally posted on Newsmax

President Donald Trump has just one “legitimate option” on the current agreement with Iran: “Kill the deal,” former CIA analyst Fred Fleitz told Newsmax TV on Monday.

In an interview with “Newsmax Now host Bill Tucker, Fleitz echoed Trump’s assessment of the deal as “an embarrassment to the United States.”

“The only legitimate option” is “kill the deal,” he said. “Get out of it.”

Fleitz added “the evidence is clear: Iran is not complying.”

“And this deal was negotiated with no input from our regional allies,” he charged. “Israel had nothing to do with this agreement. Let’s get a better agreement that includes our allies and permanently bars nuclear technology transfers to Iran forever.”

Fleitz said he does not believe it is even possible to get a good nuclear deal with Iran — “not at this time.

“That’s why we need to put in place an arrangement that blocks technology that allows them to build nuclear weapons,” he asserted. “That should be our priority.”

Fleitz also praised Trump for his stance on North Korea, saying “his policies are paying dividend.”

“The Chinese are being tougher against North Koreans than they ever have in the past,” he said. “They’re implementing U.S. sanctions faster and more aggressively. . . . Given the disaster he was handed . . . I think Mr. Trump’s doing pretty well.”