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Free Fire | | [CSP Journal]

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Facts are, as they say, stubborn things.

Some supporters of the Obamabomb nuclear deal with Iran want President Trump to perpetuate it, claiming the mullahs have not “materially breached” its terms.

Yet, what could be more of a material breach than the Iranian regime’s documented practice of preventing international inspectors from visiting sites suspected of covertly continuing nuclear weapons-related activities?  Presumably that’s being done to conceal other material breaches, but it’s enough for the President to find Tehran is not in compliance.

Since no good can come from further legitimating and enabling Iran’s hostile – and increasingly dangerous – mullahocracy, Mr. Trump must also certify another harsh fact: The Obamabomb deal is not in the United States’ vital security interests, either.

Given such facts, it would be bizarre and irresponsible for us to remain bound by this fatally flawed, so-called “political understanding.”

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