McMaster Engineers Obama’s Third Term

If President Trump today declares the Obamabomb deal isn’t in the U.S. interest but keeps us in it, that incoherent decision will be a personal triumph for his National Security Advisor, H.R. McMaster.

McMaster’s accommodating approach to the accelerating nuclear threat from Iran is of a piece with his willful blindness about the Sharia-supremacism that animates it and threats from elsewhere, as well.

For example, at an event this week marking the 70th anniversary of the National Security Council, he described the 9/11 attacks as “mass murder,” not jihad.  And he’s entrusted key positions at the Council to two Kosovar expatriates and to Mustafa Jared Ali, a man who insisted that a prominent opponent of Sharia-supremacism not be allowed to brief the NSC unless its proponents at the Hamas-linked Council on American Islamic Relations did, too.

Sure sounds like Obama’s third term.

About Frank Gaffney, Jr.

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