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Free Fire | | [CSP Journal]

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One of the most acute shortfalls in America’s common defense at the moment is the apparent lack of even rudimentary counter-intelligence practices.  Without a robust CI capability, our enemies’ spies, technology theft and influence operations get more or less a free ride here.

Examples of the problem abound.  Hillary Clinton’s gross negligence with respect to her handling of highly classified emails.  Government agencies using Russian software sure to be vulnerable to cyber exploitation.  Wholly inadequate vetting procedures that allow Sharia-supremacists into the country and even into our government.

Now, the London Daily Telegraph reports that a company owned by the longtime head of Soviet counter-intelligence will be providing security for our embassy in Moscow. Is this a bad joke, or just appalling dereliction of duty by our own counter-spies?  Either way, it emboldens our foes, heightening their appetites for aggression against us.

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