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Free Fire | | [CSP Journal]

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“Sanctuary” is a term that, like so many others, has been corrupted in our political discourse.  Far from describing a condition that is safe, today it depicts a state of lawlessness that is endangering our people.

Unfortunately, that reality did not inform the trial of the illegal alien who murdered Kate Steinle in San Francisco.  The perpetrator, who found safe-haven there, beat the rap. This outcome is sure to reinforce the perception of such cities’ magnet-like attraction for still more people who have broken the law to be in this country – and may do much worse throughout it.

Kate Steinle’s killer may yet face federal charges and be deported for a sixth time.  But unless and until communities in this country that are also violating U.S. immigration laws are held accountable and punished, we will all be less safe.

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