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Finally, Congress has an opportunity to enact legislation that would effect the most comprehensive – and sound – reform of America’s immigration policies in a generation.

House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte’s bill is called the Securing America’s Future Act.  It would authorize: the funding needed for the “wall” on our southern border; 10,000 more agents enforcing our immigration laws; and ending “chain migration” and the “visa lottery” debacles.  It would also require the E-Verify system be used by all businesses to deter the hiring of illegal aliens.

As part of such needed reforms, some so-called DACA individuals – but not others, notably criminal gang members – would be given three-year renewable legal status.  Provided the rest of the Goodlatte package is enacted, such an arrangement should not prove to be a magnet for more illegal immigration – something a Senate alternative bill would certainly and unacceptably create.

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