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Free Fire | | [CSP Journal]

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Apparently 3.6 million people here could claim to be eligible for the amnesty Democrats in Congress are evidently determined to shut down the government over.  That’s more than four times the number being advertised. With chain migration, easily 10 million or more illegal aliens could become voting citizens.

Other examples of fraud regarding the so-called DACA “kids” include the fact that many aren’t kids – at least some weren’t when they came here.  Some of them are bright, industrious students, but many are not. Small numbers serve in our military; significant numbers are gang members.

Rep. Bob Goodlatte has offered a bill that would vet and protect the DACA individuals we should want here. But if Democrats are determined to perpetrate a potentially dangerous fraud on DACA, we should hold them accountable for shutting down non-essential federal government functions – not accommodate them.

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