Do Congressional Democrats Love America?

President Trump has asked a long-taboo question:  Do Democrats in Congress love America?  For most of us appalled especially at their House caucus’ recent inanimate and hostile response to his various endorsements of our country’s values, successes and symbols, a reasonable conclusion would be that many don’t.

While the answer to Mr. Trump’s rhetorical question about whether such manifest animus rises to the level of “treason” is clearly no, the event puts into sharp relief a more important line of inquiry:  Who are these people – and whose views do they really represent?

The definitive research on the subject has been conducted by New Zealand author and filmmaker Trevor Loudon.  His book and documentary entitled The Enemies Within expose personal histories and associations of scores of Democratic legislators that bespeak not just a determination to “fundamentally transform” this country, but deep enmity towards it.

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