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Thursday, March 22, 2018 | With Fred Fleitz, David Goldman, Dr. Lawrence Sellin and Jose Cardenas

China’s Technology Ambitions

Wednesday, March 21, 2018 | With Diana West

Exploring the ‘Red Thread’

Tuesday, March 20, 2018 | With Kevin Freeman, Luis Fleischman, George Rasley and Justin Miller

Russia Targets US Grid

Monday, March 19, 2018 | With Gordon Chang, Claudia Rosett, Ken Timmerman and Jessica Vaughan

Putin’s Unsurprising Victory

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With Diana West, Kevin Freeman, Bruce Bechtol and Arthur Milikh

DIANA WEST, Nationally Syndicated Columnist, Blogs at, Author of “Death of the Grown Up” and “American Betrayal”:

  • Supposed coincidences in Russia narrative
  • Implications of the Steele dossier

KEVIN FREEMAN, Senior Fellow at Center for Security Policy, Author of “Game Plan: How to Protect Yourself from the Coming Cyber-Economic Attack,” Author of “Secret Weapon: How Economic Terrorism Brought Down the U.S. Stock Market and Why It Can Happen Again,” Founder of

  • The recent stock market volatility
  • Significance of timing of this specific drop
  • U.S. adversaries and the reserve currency

BRUCE BECHTOL, Professor of Political Science at Angelo State University, Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Korea Observer, Member of the Board of Directors of the Council on U.S.-Korea Security Studies, President of the International Council on Korean Studies:

  • North Korea proliferation capabilities
  • Can sanctions work against Pyongyang?
  • Is China reconsidering its NK policy?

ARTHUR MILIKH, Associate Director of the Heritage Foundation’s B. Kenneth Simon Center for Principles and Politics, Has written for Daily Signal, National Review and, Worked as a clerk for the House Armed Services Committee:

  • Civility vs. barbarism in political philosophy
  • Implications of the bipartisan approach
  • The current rebellion against establishment and the Trump revolution
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