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Free Fire | | [CSP Journal]

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Presidential candidate Donald Trump promised to protect the American people from what he called “radical Islamic terrorism” by instituting “extreme vetting” for would-be immigrants and refugees.  As president, he sought an opportunity to conduct such vetting by pausing further influxes from a number of problematic countries.

Although his initiative has been buffeted via adverse rulings by a succession of federal judges, the Supreme Court has basically upheld the president’s authority to impose such restrictions.  Now, in a National Security Presidential Memorandum unveiled yesterday, Mr. Trump established a new bureaucratic mechanism for doing this vetting.

Unfortunately, his mechanism may prove wholly inadequate in protecting the public from such foreign threats unless it adopts a sound basis for screening out jihadists.  An amicus brief we filed with the Supreme Court last year recommends the needed approach: accept no more Sharia-supremacists. We have plenty already.

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