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Once upon a time, congressional Republicans campaigned promising to limit the size of government, prioritize maintaining our defenses, preserve the rule of law and balance the federal budget. They were rewarded with control of both houses and the presidency in 2016.

The latest budget deal suggests the majority of the Senate GOP and possibly most in the House now stand for very different things.  Indeed, the McConnell-Ryan Republicans seem increasingly indistinguishable from the Schumer-Pelosi Democrats in wanting to: grow government; tie necessary defense spending to unwarranted, massive growth in domestic expenditures; reward lawbreaking immigrants with amnesty; and authorize vast increases in federal budget deficits.

This is a formula for routs this fall as the Republican base declines to turn out for Democrats-in-all-but-name.  And with left-leaning amnestied aliens ultimately getting the vote, America risks inevitably and permanently becoming a one-party nation.

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