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Free Fire | | [CSP Journal]

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Yesterday, President Trump hosted a “listening session” at the White House to hear from traumatized children and adults demanding that he “do something” to ensure that a deadly attack on a school like the one they experienced in Florida last week never happens again.

Facing intense and mounting pressure to do something that won’t work – like banning AR-15 semiautomatic rifles – Mr. Trump proposed doing something that actually would.

The President recognizes that schools currently are what lawyers call “attractive nuisances.”  Since these facilities packed with potential victims are required to be gun-free zones, psychopaths can target them with impunity.  That calculation would change immediately if, as Mr. Trump has now suggested, trained teachers are allowed to be armed and capable of protecting their classrooms and students.

To secure the sort of “safe spaces” we need in school, let teachers bear arms.

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