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Free Fire | | [CSP Journal]

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Donald Trump promised to destroy the Islamic State.  Now, after years in which his predecessor fecklessly allowed ISIS to establish and brutally control territory in Syria and Iraq, its “caliphate” is no more.

Unfortunately, many of its operators are still at large. And, according to the Nazarene Fund – a charitable organization sponsored by Glenn Beck that rescues Christians and Yazidis from such Sharia-supremacists – ISIS is engaged in yet-another horror: the murderous harvesting of organs from those groups’ children.

Yesterday, an audience at the Conservative Political Action Conference heard of a new initiative aimed at helping organizations like the Nazarene Fund stop these and other outrages. The Save the Persecuted Christians Coalition has a creative campaign designed to raise awareness of such oppression, mobilize Americans against it and hold ISIS and other perpetrators accountable.

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