The Plight of Christians in Egypt

With Mike Lindell, John Grooters and Raouf Boulos

MIKE LINDELL, Founder of MyPillow, Founder of the Lindell Foundation:

  • The importance of spreading message of hope to millennials
  • Overcoming challenges to reach success
  • The Lindell Foundation

JOHN GROOTERS, Writer, Producer and Director of Tortured for Christ (Out March 5th):

  • The story of Richard Wurmbrand
  • The horrors of Communist prisons in the Cold War
  • The power of prayer

RAOUF BOULOS, Arabic Interpreter, Translator and Mediator, Born in Egypt:

  • The plight of Christians in Egypt
  • Muslim Brotherhood front-groups in America
  • Female Genital Mutilation in the U.S.


  • Sharia supremacists in America
  • Fatal consequences of FGM
  • Civilizational Jihad and subversion