Reality Check Needed on North Korea’s Intentions

Last week, President Trump agreed to hold an unprecedented meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.  He did so on the basis of commitments putatively made by Kim to South Korean interlocutors, including pledges to discuss the denuclearization of his country and meantime to stop testing his nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs.

North Korea expert Lawrence Peck reports, however, that Kim’s state-controlled media have thus far made no mention of his meeting the U.S. president, let alone any undertaking to denuclearize. To the contrary, these information warfare operations keep trumpeting the importance of the North’s nuclear “deterrent” and hostility towards this country.

There’s even satellite photography suggesting that Kim Jong Un has been ramping up production at his plutonium-based nuclear fuel plant.

So, did the South Korean delegation misunderstand, or simply misrepresent, Kim’s intentions?

Repeat after me: Hold the champagne.

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