Exploring the ‘Red Thread’

With Diana West

DIANA WEST, Nationally Syndicated Columnist, Blogs at DianaWest.net, Author of “Death of the Grown Up” and “American Betrayal”:

  • Stalin’s influence in US gov’t during Roosevelt era
  • The significance of policy manipulation study
  • The explosion of government under the New Deal


  • FDR’s decision to embrace relations with Soviet Union
  • Soviet tradecraft & information operations
  • The effort to exonerate Alger Hiss


  • Are information operations merely a myth?
  • The role of Harry Dexter White
  • How WWII could have ended earlier


  • The importance of the Venona documents
  • Implications of criticizing investigative history
  • What is The March Through the Institutions?


  • The “Red Thread” series
  • The continuity of Soviet/Russia influence operations in the US