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The Port of Wilmington’s Board of Directors recently voted unanimously to turn over management of that strategically located facility to a billionaire Iraqi family named Jafar. One of its most prominent members is Dr. Jafar Dhai Jafar. Fifteen years ago, he was considered such a threat that U.S. troops liberating Iraq were directed to capture or kill him.

The reason why?  Jafar Jafar was Saddam Hussein’s nuclear bomb-maker.

The inadvisability of having the Jafars anywhere near an American port is further heightened by the fact that their company, Gulftainer, also has  partnered with Rostec, a Russian state-owned weapons and technology company that exports the Club-K Missile Launch System. That’s a cruise missile-launcher concealed in what looks like an ordinary shipping container.

Fortunately, Rep. Duncan Hunter has urged President Trump to direct a national security review of this transaction.  Obviously, it’s long overdue.

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