Turkey is an Ally No More

Turkey is an ally no more.  That’s the conclusion of a new book from the Center for Security Policy Press addressing the ominous transformation of a long-time secular Muslim nation and reliable member of NATO into an ever-more Sharia-supremacist, hostile and dangerous state.

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan seeks to become the next Caliph of a neo-Ottoman empire.  He’s embracing U.S. adversaries like Russia, China and Iran. His forces have encircled, blacked out and menaced American troops stationed at Turkey’s Incirlik air base.  And now they are threatening to launch attacks on our special forces units in Syria.

Furthermore, Erdogan has harshly imprisoned an American Christian named Pastor Andrew Brunson – a microcosmic example of the enmity he has for us infidels and our country.

We must stop pretending Erdogan’s Turkey is a friend.

Read Ally No More for free at SecureFreedom.org.