Kim Jong Un Agrees to Stop Nuclear and Missile Testing

With Dan Gallington, Gordon Chang, Amb. Henry Cooper and Luis Fleischman

DAN GALLINGTON, Served as the last Bipartisan Counsel on the Senate Select Committee of Intelligence:

  • What is next for Secretary of State Nominee Mike Pompeo?
  • Comey’s now public Memos

GORDON CHANG, Author of The Coming Collapse of China and Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes on the World:

  • Kim Jong Un concessions prior to negotiations with the U.S.
  • Most important thing Trump said during Abe meeting last week
  • Potential peace agreement between North and South Korea
  • Chinese control of the South China Sea

AMB. HENRY COOPER, Director of the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization under George H.W. Bush, Ambassador in the Defense and Space Talks under President Reagan:

  • Prospects of mitigating the North Korea nuclear threat through negotiations
  • How to deter threat from Pyongyang if diplomatic talks break down
  • Using unmanned aircraft for missile defense
  • What the U.S. can do to upgrade current systems to defend against hypersonic missiles

LUIS FLEISCHMAN, Editor of the America’s Report of the Center for Security Policy’s Menges Hemispheric Security Project:

  • Outcomes of the Summit of the Americas
  • Cuba’s ‘Change’ of leadership
  • Deadly protests in Nicaragua in response to repressive President Daniel Ortega’s social security reform