Putin’s revenge on the West

Originally posted on One News Now

A national defense analyst says Russia is involved in collusion involving the European refugee crisis.

The Center for Security Policy recently published an Occasional Paper entitled “Vladimir Putin’s Revenge: Russia as a Catalyst for the Refugee Crisis that is Destabilizing Europe.” It offers evidence that the Russian leader is involved in collusion of a different kind.

“There’s a lot of talk about Russian collusion, but generally it’s not directed at this, about evidence that the Russians have not simply benefited from the chaos that they have been inflicting in Europe through refugee flows, but they have been actually promoting those refugee flows and otherwise engaging in ways that are making them better able to influence and exercise control over Europe,” says Frank Gaffney, president and CEO of the Center for Security Policy. “And that’s not good for us either, I’m afraid.”

He believes this is all about revenge against the West.

“I think Vladimir Putin has been motivated by revenge for what he regards as their role in bringing about what he has repeatedly called the greatest catastrophe of the 20th Century, namely the fall of the Soviet Union,” Gaffney explains.

He urges the West to be clear-eyed about what the Russians are up to in light of Putin’s ambitions.