We Must Secure the US Border

With Hector Garza, Dale Wilcox, and James Conway

HECTOR GARZA, National Vice President, Border Patrol Union

  • Current challenges to secure the border
  • Significance of improving border infrastructure and technology
  • Morale of border patrol agents

DALE WILCOX, Executive Director, Immigration Reform Law Institute:

  • Implications of DACA
  • Identity theft by illegal aliens
  • Exposing SPLC’s malpractice

JAMES CONWAY, Former FBI spokesperson, terrorism expert/Latin America focus:

  • Global human smuggling networks in Central America
  • Why we need to improve US border security
  • Hezbollah cells in the United States


  • Current state of counter-intelligence in the FBI
  • Why we must improve vetting for government employees
  • Importance of FBI to domestic security