Trump’s Reset of the Post-Obama Mideast

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is touring the Middle East, addressing regional security challenges and U.S. policy towards them.  In Cairo last week, he affirmed America’s commitment to Israel and Christians and its determination to counter those like the Islamic State and the mullahs of Iran who seek to impose worldwide the toxic ideology they call Sharia.

Particularly striking was Mr. Pompeo’s explicit repudiation of the approach embraced a decade ago by then-President Barack Obama, notably in an address he also made in Cairo. Obama low-balled the threat from ISIS, embraced the Muslim Brotherhood and engaged and then-enriched the Iranian regime.

By contrast, President Trump has decisively attacked the Islamic State, denounced the Islamists’ supremacist ideology and stopped enabling the ayatollahs’ misrule in Tehran. Now, Mike Pompeo must forge the regional partnerships needed to finish these jobs.