No Deal for McConnell’s Bait-and-Switch on “the Wall”

What’s up with Mitch McConnell? For weeks, he has supported President Trump in his effort to secure the southern border.  At least, that’s been the practical effect of his refusal to bring up legislation that would have ended the partial government shut-down unless Mr. Trump was prepared to sign it.

Then, on Saturday, the President announced what he would sign: a compromise that would provide $5.9 billion for steel bollard barriers in key unfenced areas in exchange for an amnesty for certain illegal aliens currently here.

But the bill that Sen. McConnell has just introduced explicitly prohibits the modified “wall” Mr. Trump now seeks. If adopted by both houses of Congress, the President would be handed a disastrous political defeat and, more importantly, the border would be left substantially unsecured.

Repeat after me – and Vice President Pence: “No wall, no deal.”