Space-based Defenses for the Gipper – and America

On Wednesday, retired U.S. Senator Jon Kyl marked Ronald Reagan’s 108th birthday with a call for the realization, at last, of one of the Gipper’s most important visions.

In 1983, President Reagan famously launched the Strategic Defense Initiative to develop anti-missile defenses capable of protecting the American people.

Today, our need for such protection is – if anything –even greater.  Specifically, we face emerging threats from advanced hypersonic Chinese and Russian missiles designed to overwhelm our current, modest defenses.

What is needed now is the sort of space-based layer of anti-missile systems contemplated by Mr. Reagan’s SDI program, but that was repeatedly blocked by congressional Democrats.

As Sen. Kyl noted, President Trump has resolved to provide such a defense. But he’s going to face similar opposition and needs our support to ensure that we win this one for the Gipper – and for America.