The Case For Border Security

With Peter Huessy, Bill Gertz, Michael Cutler and Kyle Shideler

PETER HUESSY, Director for Strategic Deterrent Studies at the Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies, Former Senior Defense Consultant at the National Defense University Foundation, Senior Fellow at the American Foreign Policy Council:

  • Russia’s violations of the INF Treaty
  • Dangers of China’s advancing missile capabilities

BILL GERTZ, Senior editor at the Washington Free Beacon, Inside the Ring columnist at the Washington Times, Author of iWar: War and Peace in the Information Age (2016)

  • Trump administration announces withdrawal from INF Treaty
  • China’s weaponization of artificial intelligence
  • Does Jeff Bezos have a communication security problem?

MICHAEL CUTLER, Retired Senior Special Agent of the former Immigration and Naturalization Services, Hosts the radio show, “The Michael Cutler Hour” on Friday evenings on BlogTalk Radio:

  • Details on the Senate Intelligence Committee’s World-Wide Threat briefing
  • The current state of border wall negotiations
  • How drug trafficking threatens national security

KYLE SHIDELER, Director of, Former Director of the Threat Information Office at the Center for Security Policy, Former Director of Research and Communications at the Endowment for Middle East Truth:

  • How does Qatar exert such massive influence globally?
  • Why Qaradawi should be labeled a Muslim Brotherhood terrorist