Let’s Raise Cain about Google’s “Direct Support” of China’s Military

The nation’s top military officer yesterday explicitly rebuked Google for providing “direct support” to Communist China and its armed forces. In congressional testimony Gen. Joseph Dunford and Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan warned that Google’s supplying of surveillance technology and other assistance to an ever-more-blatantly-hostile foreign power is harmful to our own security.

They might have added that by giving what might be called “aid and comfort” to the People’s Republic of China, Google has added insult to injury. Its overwhelmingly leftist workers previously had refused to do business with the Pentagon, denying needed skills and expertise to those who would defend them from the likes of Chinese who seek to take our country down.

Google users and shareholders who find such behavior unacceptable – to say nothing of its creepy invasions of our privacy – should raise Cain about it.