Washington Post Seems to Cover Up Anti-Semitic Joke at House Dem Meeting

Originally published by Newsmax:

The Washington Post published a story with an astounding account of a private meeting on March 5 of Democratic House members held in response to Rep. Ilhan Omar’s controversial anti-Semitic statements and tweets. At this chaotic meeting, Omar refused to apologize for her comments or to “publicly affirm Israel’s right to exist and protect itself.”

But the Post excised a key paragraph from the original version of this story on how a facilitator at the meeting made an anti-Semitic joke about Jews that drew criticism from one of the attendees.

At the meeting, Rep, Omar was asked to apologize for her anti-Semitic comments and to affirm Israel’s right to exist by Rep. Dean Phillips, a Jewish Democrat who represents a Minnesota district near Omar’s. Instead of responding to Phillips, Omar’s allies changed the subject to alleged mistreatment of Palestinians by the Israeli government. Some members also accused Phillips of racism because they were “offended that a wealthy white businessman representing an affluent suburban community was suggesting a black refugee such as Omar incited fear.”

Rep. Rashida Tlaib came to Rep. Omar’s defense and began to cry as she spoke about mistreatment of her Palestinian grandmother by Israelis.

The print version of the Post story said tensions at this meeting worsened after a facilitator from a group called “Bend the Arc” made an anti-Semitic joke:

“When the small group convened, tension emerged almost immediately. A Bend the Arc facilitator made a joke about Jews and money to try to clear the air. But Rep. Jahana Hayes (Conn.), one of the freshman allies invited to join the session, grew serious and asked why the facilitator could talk like that when someone like Hayes could not.”

However, later versions of this story posted online omitted the above paragraph.

For me, the Post excised the most important in point in this story — that at a meeting of House Democrats held in response to Rep. Omar’s anti-Semitic remarks, a meeting facilitator made a crude joke about Jews which one congresswoman objected to after Congressman Hayes was rebuffed for asking Omar to apologize and affirm Israel’s right to exist.

This is what this story would be about if such a meeting had been convened by Republicans. I am sure Democratic leaders were angry that The Washington Post printed the above paragraph in the original version of this story and pressured the Post’s editors to delete it. The Post’s editors need to explain their decision to remove this language.

It’s hard to see how hiding embarrassing information for the Democratic Party is consistent with The Washington Post’s self-righteous motto of “Democracy dies in darkness.” This is another example of why President Trump and conservatives condemn the mainstream media for producing fake news and being arms of the Democratic Party.

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