Investigate the Investigators

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report leaves only the most irreconcilable of Democrats still insisting that Team Trump colluded with Russia during the 2016 election. The rest appear at last ready to “move on.”

The ideological fervor of the remaining “Resistance” illuminates, however, two features of what President Trump has derided as the “Russian collusion delusion.”

First, its object was, as Fox News host Tucker Carlson observed last night, to prevent a Trump presidency and, failing that, to destroy it from the get-to-go. In other words, America experienced an attempted coup d’etat.

Second, in her new book, The Red Thread, Diana West identifies the revolutionary motivation behind that “anti-Trump conspiracy”: Its leaders were determined to prevent at all costs a counter-revolutionary Trump from undoing their progress towards dismantling American sovereignty in favor of a radical leftist global order.

Investigate the investigators, General Barr!

This is Frank Gaffney.