China’s Belt and Road Leads to Global Enslavement

Yesterday, the Chinese Communist Party showcased its so-called Belt and Road Initiative at a forum in Beijing attended by numerous leaders of nations poised to become vassal states of the imperial China this scheme is intended to actualize.

The talk was about construction projects and business opportunities, not the colonizing Beijing is engaged in around the world.

A very different conversation was simultaneously taking place in New York City.  Our new Committee on the Present Danger: China was warning leaders in the U.S. business community against further underwriting China’s ominous ambitions.

One speaker, Steve Bannon, paraphrased Abraham Lincoln by describing “a global house divided, half-free and half-slave” with the Chinese people enslaved by China’s Communist Party – a status made possible by Western financing. We mustn’t enable the Belt and Road Initiative to reduce the rest of the world to servitude, as well.