POTUS v. the Electromagnetic Pulse-Deniers

In June 2015, shortly before Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the presidency, he learned at an event we organized in Iowa that federal bureaucrats and electric utility executives were relentlessly impeding progress on protecting the nation’s most critical of critical infrastructures: our electric “grid.”  He was incredulous and expressed his determination, as president, to knock their heads together and secure the grid.

On March 26th, President Trump did just that – issuing an executive order directing action on countering specifically the threat posed to our grid and the society that utterly depends on it from enemy use of electromagnetic pulses or similar effects from intense solar storms.

Unfortunately, today electric industry obstructionists are unveiling a so-called study by their in-house think tank dismissing such threats. It will be used to defy the President.  He’s right; they’re wrong. Time to really knock heads.