Punish, Don’t Reward, Communist China’s Bait-and-Switch Diplomacy

The Chinese Communist Party’s track record compels low expectations about the bilateral trade negotiations that may reach a make-or-break point today. After all, it has serially, and notoriously, failed to live up to its previous international commitments.

It’s a particularly bad sign, though, when the Chinese abandon their promises even before an agreement is finalized. President Trump has responded to Beijing’s backtracking on provisions that have been painstakingly hammered out to date by announcing he’ll impose massive new tariffs on its imports at midnight tonight.

It remains to be seen if, in the face of such a threat, Communist China’s delegation will revert to form – agreeing to terms they have no intention of honoring. What is clear though is that even a perfect trade deal will not end the PRC’s other forms of unrestricted warfare against us.

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