Register Where Freed Terrorists Reside

It was shocking to hear on the eve of the Memorial Day weekend that John Walker Lindh had been released from federal prison. This news brought to the fore forgotten recollections of the capture of this “American Taliban” in Afghanistan at the start of the so-called “War on Terror” and his subsequent prosecution for murderously collaborating with the enemy.

Lindh remains an unrepentant Sharia-supremacist jihadist. While he is subject to certain probationary restrictions, the New York Times reports that his parents, lawyers and prosecutors aren’t revealing where he will live.

Within hours, the Louisiana House of Representatives voted to create a state Terrorist Registry like the ones enabling law enforcement to learn where freed sexual predators reside.

More once-jailed jihadists may be coming to a neighborhood near you. Make sure that those responsible for protecting us know where they’ll be living.