U.S. Must Counter Existential Threats Strategically

With Paula DeSutter

PAULA DESUTTER, United States Assistant Secretary for Verification, Compliance and Implementation from 2002 to 2009:

  • Is the U.S. still the world’s only superpower?
  • How Russia and China aim to intimidate and overpower America
  • An overview of the current U.S. adversaries


  • Dissecting the administrations’ objectives in arms control
  • How turning a blind eye to non-compliance encourages bad behavior


  • Implications of Beijing’s buildup and concealment of nuclear forces
  • Characterizing the Chinese threat
  • Why strong missile defense is critical to U.S. national security


  • The recent escalation of tensions on the Persian Gulf
  • Why Bolton’s Iran policy is working
  • Consequences of recent relentless attacks against John Bolton