China’s Ag Crisis Means Trump Need Not Bail Out Xi

President Trump meets tomorrow with Communist China’s dictator-for-life, Xi Jinping. It may be the single most important conversation of his presidency.

On the line is whether Mr. Trump will continue systematically overhauling his bipartisan predecessors’ failed China policies or effectively revert to them. Wall Street, American businesses dependent on cheap Chinese imports and some U.S. allies are demanding that he do a trade deal with Xi, more or less on Beijing’s terms. Our national interests require that he doesn’t.

A timely article in the Daily Caller reveals that the President’s negotiating hand is being tremendously strengthened by pests destroying the PRC’s agricultural sector. Xi simply cannot continue retaliating for necessary Trump tariffs by impeding U.S. food imports.

Stay the course, Mr. President. Our economy and security depend on you thwarting Xi’s ominous “China Dream,” not bailing it out.