Let’s Do Some Good

Originally posted on ANDMagazine.com

Speculation is rife in the press that President Trump is about to fire the Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats and replace him with “arch Muslim-hater,” Fred Fleitz, a former Central Intelligence Agency analyst. Rumors abound as well that it will be Fleitz’s job to preside over the demise of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) and phase it out of existence.

God, let’s hope that for once the press corps has it right.

Who Is Fred Fleitz?

First, Fred Fleitz is by no means an enemy of Islam or a radical of any stripe. He is a sober, well respected analyst with a wealth of experience and the backbone to match. If he is derided by much of the media and establishment Washington it is because he has had the audacity to speak the truth and to point out the danger in which we and the civilized world find ourselves. Having already served on the National Security Council in this Administration, if he has the stomach to continue the fight for change in Washington and to subject himself to the attacks that will be launched against him, we should count ourselves lucky.

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