Act Now to Preserve Hong Kong’s Autonomy

The Communist Chinese Party has quietly inserted forces into Hong Kong capable of eliminating its many opponents in the former British colony. Such a crackdown might make the Party’s Tiananmen Square massacre thirty years ago pale by comparison.

China’s dictator, Xi Jinping, insists this is an internal matter. It would be a serious mistake were the United States to concur. For, if the People’s Liberation Army can with impunity crush freedom in Hong Kong, it is absolutely predictable that liberty will not be safe elsewhere, either.

Fortunately, an existing American law says that if China doesn’t respect Hong Kong’s autonomy, it can no longer benefit from the latter’s Most Favored Nation status – ending a back-door the Communists have long, massively and very profitably exploited.

We must serve notice now: If China snuffs freedom in Hong Kong, it’s guaranteed to suffer severe costs.