Xi-Putin Lies Underscore the Imperative of Restoring America’s Deterrent

Last month, the leaders of Communist China and Russia teamed up to perpetrate a fraud. In a joint statement, the PRC’s dictator for life, Xi Jinping, and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, professed a commitment to nuclear disarmament belied by their countries’ actual military programs and unbroken record of violating arms control obligations.

Although these tyrants declared a shared determination to deemphasize nuclear weaponry, their respective militaries have actually engaged in unprecedented nuclear build-ups. Russia’s strategic and tactical arsenals now greatly surpass in modernity, numbers and lethality those of the United States.

For all we know, the secretive Chinese – with their 3,000 miles of hardened underground tunnels perfect for manufacturing, concealing and launching nuclear missiles –may have done the same.

President Trump is right to pursue our own nuclear modernization program and to eschew unverifiable, fraudulent and violated arms control agreements.