The ‘Truth Squad’ Takes on – and Takes Down – CAIR and the SPLC

Yesterday, a Truth Squad in Washington took on the vile lies dispensed by two of the Red-Green axis’ most prominent political warfare instruments: the discredited, radical leftist Southern Poverty Law Center and the terror-tied Sharia-supremacist Muslim Brotherhood front known as the Council on American Islamic Relations.

I had the privilege of moderating a Facebook Livestreamed panel of five experts on these groups, better known respectively as the SPLC and CAIR. An influential retired general, a world-class litigator, two formidable investigative reporters and a prominent pro-American Muslim named Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, exposed them as frauds advancing ideologies deeply hostile to our Constitution and freedom.

The bottom line: Neither the SPLC nor CAIR deserve to be trusted or believed – let alone legitimated or appeased. They are hostile agents of influence and should be treated as such.

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