Antifa Update: More Evidence of Democratic Collusion

Two months ago, President Trump opined that perhaps the violent Leftist group Antifa should be designated a terrorist organization. Senator Ted Cruz called for the U.S. Justice Department to use RICO statutes to prosecute members of the organization.

These calls followed numerous instances of Antifa violence, notably a firebomb attack on an ICE facility.

Despite these violent acts, the Democratic party has failed to condemn Antifa and its violence.

Some of the denials would be almost comical if the situation wasn’t so serious.

Less than a month ago, published a video and article of Democrat presidential candidates being asked to condemn Antifa violence. Here are some of the answers that were given:

“I don’t know what Antifa is,” said Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY).

“Tell me about Antifa, tell me who Antifa is so I can tell you whether that person should be condemned or not,” said Washington Governor Jay Inslee, who later claimed, “I was thinking you were thinking of an individual,” and added, “I don’t know exactly this organization you’re referring to, but if it’s the one I’m thinking of, then yes.”

“Thanks a lot for the question,” laughed Democrat primary presidential candidate Julián Castro in response to whether he would denounce Antifa.

“No, I’m not denouncing anybody,” answered Democrat primary presidential candidate Marianne Williamson.

Mayor Bill de Blasio (D-NY) refused to answer whether he would condemn Antifa.

To say that these answers are troubling is putting it mildly.

Then presidential candidate Senator Kirsten Gillibrand actually expects the American people to believe that she doesn’t know what Antifa is. In an age when elected officials are routinely called liars by their rivals, as well as the media, why has no one challenged her on this preposterous answer?

The answers given by these Democrat presidential candidates range from cynical to absurd. Why are so-called “mainstream” Democrats so reluctant to condemn Antifa violence? Do they approve of the organization? Are they afraid to condemn Antifa?

Antifa isn’t just a bunch of kids playing online in their parents’ basement. There are multiple examples of Antifa members among academia for example, like this professor in Iowa, who made violent threats.

The organization presents a clear and present danger to the peaceful political process in America and a large part of our political establishment appears to approve of them.

No one epitomizes this more than Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

When Boston police arrested 36 people after a clash between Antifa and right-wing activists, 9 were charged with assault and battery on a police officer. Others were charged with crimes ranging from resisting arrest and disorderly conduct to assault with a deadly weapon.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez dutifully promoted the crowdfunding campaign which provided the legal fees for Antifa members arrested by the police.

Imagine for a moment that the shoe was on the other foot. Suppose Republican elected officials refused to condemn right-wing violence or promoted a crowdfunding campaign in support of violent right-wing activists?

Why are Democrat politicians not being held accountable for their tacit approval of leftist violence by Antifa?

About Christopher Holton

Christopher Holton is Vice President for Outreach at the Center for Security Policy. Mr. Holton came to the Center after serving as president and marketing director of Blanchard & Co. and editor-in-chief of the Blanchard Economic Research Unit from 1990 to 2003. As chief of the Blanchard Economic Research Unit in 2000, he conceived and commissioned the Center for Security Policy special report “Clinton’s Legacy: The Dangerous Decade.” Holton is a member of the Board of Advisers of Follow Holton on Twitter @CHoltonCSP