Clare Lopez speaks on various events taking place in the Middle East

Center VP for Research & Analysis, Clare Lopez, joined Alan Kornman and Vito Exposito to talk about events in Middle East, including the Kurds issue.  Did Pres Trump abandon the Kurds, as the Left Wing Propaganda Machine narrative is dictating?  Does US need to be mired in an endless war?  Where is the United Nations? Why haven’t they stepped up? Have they become the Useless Nations?

Click here to listen to the interview (Clare’s piece begins at 45 minutes).

About Clare M. Lopez

Clare M. Lopez is Vice President for Research & Analysis at the Center for Security Policy.  She previously was a Senior Fellow with the Center as well as with the London Center for Policy Research, member of Sen. Ted Cruz’ 2016 presidential campaign national security advisory team, Executive Director of the Iran Policy Committee, and a career operations officer with the CIA. Read her complete bio here. Follow Lopez on Twitter @ClareMLopez