Does the WH Understand the Dangerous Ambitions of Turkey’s Erdogan?

Clare Lopez Reports – Monday, 11/4/2019 – Turkey & Recep Erodgan, Who he is and why he is here visiting President Donald Trump. Does anyone in the Trump Administration understand the threat that Turkey and Erdogan present? It doesn’t matter that Turkey is a member of the United Nations! Is Erdogan’s goal to create the new Ottoman empire?  Or Caliphate with him as the Caliph?  What will America do to realize who he is?  Clare will explain what is happening and how “clueless” our current  administration is to this coming storm.  BUT… understand how much worse it would be if Trump was NOT the president.

About Clare M. Lopez

Clare M. Lopez is Vice President for Research & Analysis at the Center for Security Policy.  She previously was a Senior Fellow with the Center as well as with the London Center for Policy Research, member of Sen. Ted Cruz’ 2016 presidential campaign national security advisory team, Executive Director of the Iran Policy Committee, and a career operations officer with the CIA. Read her complete bio here. Follow Lopez on Twitter @ClareMLopez