Fleitz and Lou Dobbs praise AG Barr for declaring Huawei & ZTE security threats

Center President Fred Fleitz joined Lou Dobbs to discuss NATO, Huawei, ZTE, and the whistleblower.

Fleitz noted how, due to pressure from President Trump, there has been an extra $100 billion in defense spending by NATO members. “This is a big deal not just because other states were taking advantage of the United States, but they were disrespecting us. And when they treat us like a doormat, they undermine American credibility on the world stage,” Fleitz said.

U.S. Attorney General, William Barr believers Huawei and ZTE, two of China’s largest telecommunication companies, cannot be trusted. “Barr has said that Huawei and ZTE have been violating U.N. sanctions, Huawei in addition, Barr says, has been engaged in bank fraud and stealing intellectual property from T-Mobile.”

“This is important”

Because of this, Fleitz explains Barr’s reservations in using Huawei and ZTE for the U.S. 5G network because “these companies are obviously not trustworthy.” More troubling, a few years ago, both of these companies were before a House Intelligence Committee panel. ZTE was questioned about their relationship with the Chinese government and Fleitz said their representative “wouldn’t answer, we know what that relationship is, they do exactly what the Chinese government, Chinese intelligence tell them to do.”

“He’s a political operative”

With respect to the whistleblower, Fleitz believes he is a “political operative” and “someone who collaborated with Schiff and his staff.” Fleitz doubts Schiff’s claim that he doesn’t know the identity of the whistleblower despite making that claim during the testimony earlier this week.