Center for Security Policy honors House Freedom Caucus, Christopher Ruddy at Mar-a-Lago

Fleitz discussed the Center’s 31-year record of promoting sound national security policy insider by President Reagan’s tried-and-true strategy of “peace through strength.”

A former special assistant to President Trump and chief of staff to then-national security adviser John Bolton, Fleitz detailed how the Center has helped the Trump administration forge effective policies to keep our nation safe and reverse the inept and dangerous policies of the Obama administration, especially withdrawing from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal and protecting the US power grid. 

Fleitz discussed the Center’s ambitious 2020 plans which include, “preparing the national security battlefield,” for the 2020 presidential election and the Defense of Israel Project, a new effort to defeat a recent surge in anti-Semitism and hostility toward Israel.

Center Executive Chairman and founder Frank Gaffney discussed two crucial national security projects he heads, the Committee on the Present Danger: China and Save the Persecuted Christians.

The Center has conferred the Keeper of the Flame Award each year since 1990 on remarkable civilian and military leaders whose efforts contributed materially to America’s security and freedom.  This year, the Center awarded the Keeper of the Flame Award to the House Freedom Caucus for its work to promote conservative national security and domestic ideals and to keep government honest.  Reps. Biggs, Ted Yoho, Paul Gosar, Jody Hice, and Bill Posey accepted the award.

Rep. Biggs gave a rousing speech on the Freedom Caucus’s important work and its strong support of President Trump, especially its efforts to counter the Democratic impeachment circus.

The Center recognized Newsmax Media CEO Christopher Ruddy with the 2019 Mightier Pen Award, which recognizes individuals who contribute to the American public’s appreciation for a strong national defense and defend freedom through media work.

In 1998, Mr. Ruddy founded Newsmax Media, a broadcasting and multimedia publishing company that covers news, politics, health, lifestyle and finance.  Newsmax TV channel is carried in 70 million U.S. cable homes and the company’s flagship website,, is consistently ranked as one of the country’s most trafficked and influential news websites.  Forbes has called Newsmax a “news powerhouse.”

The Center is deeply grateful to those whose generosity made possible this unforgettable evening of well-deserved tributes.