Fred Fleitz praises the President’s bold leadership amid growing threats from Iran

Center President Fred Fleitz joined Lou Dobbs and KT McFarland to provide insight on reports that the Pentagon is considering sending some 7,000 US troops to the Middle East to “counter what it sees as an increasing threat from Iran.”

Fleitz began by emphasizing that the ‘America First’ policy President Trump has adopted since taking office does not mean “withdrawal from the world, or isolationism, it’s the smart use of American power.” Fleitz understands that the group of troops being considered by the Pentagon “is a defensive force, it is a deterrent, it does not indicate in any way that the President wants to start offensive operations…it’s a powerful sign that he’s not going to stand for Iran threatening US forces or US allies in the region.”

A decision on whether or not to deploy US forces in the region ultimately comes down to Trump, Fleitz reiterates, and the Pentagon has “to make their case to the President, that this deployment is necessary, and the President may decide not to approve it, he may decide to send a fewer number of troops over,” but at the end of the day, “the President makes the ultimate decision on whether this is justified.”