Roslyn Layton explains the various technological threats China poses to the US

With Andrew Mangione, Tom Van Grieken, and Roslyn Layton

ANDREW MANGIONE, Senior Vice President at Association of Mature American Citizens – AMAC Action:

  • Steps President Trump has taken to improve the quality of health care
  • The importance of price transparency in the health care system
  • How the coronavirus is underscoring the United States’ dependence on China

TOM VAN GRIEKEN, Member of the Chamber of Representatives of Belgium:

  • The rise of a conservative movement in Europe
  • What do the conservatives of Belgium stand for?
  • The censorship of conservatives in Belgium

ROSLYN LAYTON, Visiting Scholar, American Enterprise Institute:

  • Huawei’s theft of technological ideas throughout the years
  • Dangers to the US of using Chinese technology
  • The security risks Lenovo computers pose to US citizens


  • What needs to be at the forefront of American national security issues?
  • How should the US prepare for 5G?